Business Ideas for Pakistani Women to Start with 1K

Business Ideas for Pakistani Women to Start with 1K

Business Ideas for Pakistani Women to Start with 1K

We all know time is money; everyone wants to spare time in good activities, which should be fruitful. A student remains to engage in studies, games mainly and a homemaker (the woman who does house chores and stays at home) spends a maximum of its time in homes doing the cooking, washing, and such type of never ending home tasks. In this situation, the financial bundle is on Men’s shoulders, whom hard work but sometimes remains fails because of this fluctuating financial condition of the country. Therefore, small business should be there for ladies too, so that they earn by own, spend their lives independently, and can share the monetary burden of home.
Therefore, here are some Business Ideas to start with 1K.
However, before moving towards ideas, let me tell you, business is a game of nerves, patience, and confidence. The one, who becomes panic so early, cannot handle business. So make yourself strong, before reading Business Ideas to start with 1K.


  1. Online Freelancing Assistance:

Many people are now creating lots of money by working as freelance proficient online.
They sell their specialties to different clients, on different networks i.e. Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and much more. Such type of people is unable to do some tasks or have no time to do it. However, scholarly women can only do, you do not need to invest even 1k yet you just need an internet connection, make an account and get clients. It can be part-time Business for women and if you are seriously interested in freelancing then you should read about the Top 50 Blogs in the World.

  1. Mugs And Shirt Printing Business:

Start a small business with 1k by purchasing simple colorful shirts, mugs, different type of colors i.e. oil color, fabric paint, and stencils only. You can easily buy such material in maximum 1000. Now you need to make a FACEBOOK page or a website, of your own work with different pictures of printed mugs and pattern shirts. Make your page popular by getting maximum likes and that is it. You have done. People will order you on your page, and do work for them according to their demands. Make sure, you allow them to send in their custom pictures for printing, both on mugs and shirts. If you provide them home delivery, it will increase your client ratio. It is the Best investment with 100k for Pakistani Women as there is no fear of loss.

  1. Grocery Home Delivery Services:

If you are in search of answer What Business To Start With 1K, it is totally a new idea where you just cook some appetizing food, and you have done. This idea works in the online world too.

For online work, you just need to create a Facebook page or Facebook group. Advertise your cooking by sharing images. But this Small Business with 1K produce better results in big cities like Lahore, Karachi or some food loving places like Gujranwala.

  1. Baby Day Care Center:

If you do not want to go outside, but want to earn too, then you can make some baby care center within your home, use some spare room for this purpose. It will be useful for working women. They will become tension free from child’s care during job timings. It will be good time spending opportunity for housewives. This will solve your Where to invest 100k query too, where you will just spend 1000 in decorating the room according to children’s taste, will buy some toys, napkins etc only. To earn from baby care centers, No special skills are required, you just know how to handle children.

  1. Artificial Jewelry Designer:

As women, if you are looking for 1k business ideas by using your creative skills then jewelry designing is best among all. By using beads, stones, laces, chains, you can make anklets, crochet, necklace etc. and can arrange a small stall in different malls for getting more customers, or you can shift your work on internet world too.

  1. Home Tuition:

This is an era of education where every parent has a dream to see his children educated, well groomed. Women, who are educated enough, can teach students at home. This, not only provides you company but also a source of revising all your knowledge. Moreover, it is Best investment with 1k for Pakistani Women.

  1. Business Idea To Start With 1K As Designer Escort:

Everyone wants to look good, gorgeous and purchase high-quality garments without having to worry about price tags. If you have done some designing course, you can provide your services regarding guidelines about clothes, which color looks good on black people etc. moreover, you can do modern style stitching. In past, women were good cloth designers, and still, they are competing with men’s designers.

These were Business Ideas to start with 1K where only hard work, ambition, matters. One can create her job according to her taste, demands, and availability of sources. You can modify your working plan too. In nutshell “business is a game of mind, where your luck matters a lot along with your ambition and hard work.”


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  • Faiza saif

    Great article sadaf. Good job on throwing light n helping women to think out of the box