Top 10 Best Places To Live And Enjoy The Outdoors

Ten Best Places to Live and Outdoors

This article is going to show you the secret facts of allure that someone seeking for pleasure who have crazy mind to know about the most attracting places in the history. It gives charming effect to the mind causing to forget the tires of busy work helping to boost up the energy.

Although there are many most beautiful places in the world to visit and enjoy but here the focus is on the top adventuring destinations where any one can enjoy the allure of nature at its peak. In this regard the complete details regarding top ten best places to live and enjoy the outdoors are listed below.

10. Vancouver

One of the nicest spots situated in Canada, is the Vancouver is having special things attached to it which cases the way to attract the other peoples, making it more attractive for the tourists. The interesting facts are, it is surrounded by beaches moreover the huge mountains adds up to the allure. People love to see fashion related boutiques and plazas. The adventure gets more charming by mountain biking and hiking. Other top things include shopping and food.

9.  U.S Virgin Islands

10 most amzing and visiting places

A famous group of Islands in the United States of America known as “Best Places To Live”, named as U.S Virgin Islands. The main three islands are St. John, St Thomas and St. Croix. The main cause of visiting this place to enjoy “virgin islands national park” and the admiring factors on the island are the bathing and sports at the seaside. The place is perfect regarding the fast foods as well as restaurants. The fine food available here is the ground beef, fungi and rice.

8. Sydney

The most popular travel destination in Australia and being considered as the outstanding place to visit is the Sydney. The amazing things available here include the top level restaurants, cool beaches and high quality products.

Top ten places to live and hangout

Beside these the Sydney is also a main point for artisans and musicians, mostly people enjoy best places from European countries approaches here for enjoying the vacations.

7. Puerto Rico

One of the finest spot considered to visit in the World, is the island lies in U.S territory named as Puerto Rico. The destination is famous regarding food as well as for music. Most popular bands come here for competitions.

best places to visit and why

Moreover the soft sand gives calm to the body with delicious and spicy foods, deserts and much more.  At night time the dance clubs are crowded with people, enjoying the music with casual drink.

6. San Francisco

San Francisco

The brilliant area of the United States of America, being considered as the leading place to visit and enjoy in the World, named as San Francisco. Mostly distinguished for cafes, restaurants and parks. Most enjoyable sites are present here giving a natural sensation to its viewers. European traditions are also viewed in this field presenting a nice view of architecture. The most remarkable thing is the presence of popular chefs that serve people with rich flavors and healthy food.

5. New York City

The most famous places to live and enjoy city of the United States, considered as the cheapest place in the world to live, the New York. It’s one of the popular centers for fashion, architecture and food.

best places to live and enjoy

Restaurants, Cafes and bakeries add up to the glamour of the area. Moreover, the New York  is famous for theater and music by bands playing all the night at clubs. The nights are very calm providing allure sensation to the soul.

4. Maui


One of the famous island of the United States from the Hawaiian islands is the Maui and being considered as the fine spot to go for. The island is a luxury destination in reality as it is covered by the hotels. The foods here are admirable by people of all regions most popular places to live and enjoy are macaroni salad and Huli chicken.

3. London

World’s renowned city of England and outstanding place to visit, the London. The allure of this city causes many tourists to visit this land every year as it is famous regarding hotels and cultural places.


Each hotel provides nice stuff and spicy tastes with casual drink. At night time, they’re become great crowd of people with light rain making the atmosphere more charming.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona best to visit and enjoy

The famous city of Spain and now the world’s places to live and enjoy second leading city to visit, the Barcelona. The view from the sea is amazing attracting the tourists from all over the world. The city most populated places to live and enjoy and surrounded by five star restaurant. The delicious foods by famous chefs are available here making the trip more effectively. Seafood has also very importance served with a cup of cava or a beer.

1.  Paris

The world’s best places to live and enjoy known as “City of Lights”, filled with art collection and the famous museums in its center, the city named as Paris. The river “Seine” flows through the city alongside the churches, cinema and cafe.


The food is admirable most popular places to live and enjoy includes Asian and other region’s food. Most cafes are famous for creme coffee and chocolates with nice flavored drinks giving long time taste. At night, the lights and music club add up to the charm. Every year people approach Paris for viewing the best place of the world.

Summary – Ten Best Places to Visit in the World

Serial City / Town Country / Territory
1 Paris France
2 Barcelona Spain
3 London United Kingdom
4 Maui Hawaiian Islands
5 New York City United States
6 San Francisco United States
7 Puerto Rico United States
8 Sydney Australia
9 U.S Virgin Islands United States
10 Vancouver Canada


Hope, you have enjoyed the article as it is giving information of your interest. People around the globe tour to different places on the earth. The finest places mentioned in this article are indeed surprising, if you ever plan to go for then I will recommend you to go to such a place as it gives a fresh sensation to the minds as well as providing more charm.

The travelers and tourists will find this topic even more helpful than other people. Try to share your experience of the best places in the world and stay connected here as the latest information will be uploaded soon. Share your views about the top ten best places to live and travel in the world.


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