Amy Schumer Net Worth 2017 | Struggle and Controversies

Amy Schumer Net Worth


Amy Schumer Net Worth

Amy Schumer have a Net worth of over 416 million, she holds the record of being the first ever women to hit the Forbes’ list of highest-paid comedians. It is interesting to note that in early 2015, her Net worth was just $1 Million. It was reported later that year, which the actress has raised her fee demand after making it to the limelight. Now, after just 2 years, she has a net worth of $16 Million, which is increasing exponentially.

From 2012 to 2016, she has scored various prestigious awards for her exceptional talent and amazing performances. Besides being a comedian, she is a writer and a director as well. In 2015, she co-directed “Trainwreck,” her very first film. This movie did well in the theaters and also earned her recognition as an exceptional, multi talented star. The movie, “Trainwreck” is reported to gross a total of $138.3 Million and is considered as a big hit at the box office. This film earned Amy Schumer, a total of $300,000. Her second big film project was with Fox, which performed even better than her first film.

Amy Schumer as Writer:

If you think that Amy Schumer earns solely through her action and directing, then you are wrong. She is a writer as well. Back in 2012, she signed a deal of $500,000 for HarperCollins. Later that year, she also signed up for book deal of $1 Million, with another publisher. Following her success in her writing career, she signed up another r$9 Million deal for her biography that is titled, “Girl with Lower Back Tattoo.” All of these high paying contracts added to her company net worth as one of the America’s most successful TV stars.

Amy Schumer Net Worth

Struggle and Controversies:

Success doesn’t come easily and even more difficult it is to retain your position after getting success. Similar was the case with Amy Schumer; she had to take low-paying jobs at the beginning of her career, later; she was recognized by various famous producers. But, after getting into the limelight, she was accused of stealing jokes, in 2016. It was presented that she stole jokes and lines from other famous comedians, such as Tammy Pescatelli, Wendy Liebman, and Kathleen Madigan. Despite these accusations, she continued to work hard, to bring smiles on the faces of her audience. Famous American comedians such as Dave Rubin and Marc Maron backed her, to move on after those accusations that seriously hurt her reputation.

Amy Schumer lives in a luxurious mansion (worthed at $2.075 Million). But, recently, it was reported that she is trying to sell this mansion, maybe for buying an even better one. Who knows, but surely, she is one of the best female comedians, that American audience will ever see.

                  Amy Schumer Have a Net worth of over 416 Million


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