8 Most Famous Blogging Websites in Pakistan


6 Most Famous Blogging Websites in Pakistan

Internet blogging has become very common all round the world and Pakistani’s are not behind in the field. Blogs are basically informal journals or websites, or a description on how an individual looks at a topic. According to the latest and updated list of top websites used in Pakistan, 3 of the top ten websites are related to blogging, including blogspot, blogger and to some extent Urdu point.

But this does not mean that blogging is limited to just three websites, and you cannot start your own blog. Being a Pakistani you are no way behind the world in the field, and the list of 8 Most Famous Blogging Websites in Pakistan and their stories is an inspiration for everyone reading this. You too can start up your own blog by following in the footsteps of the people who have already made a name for themselves in the arena of blogging.

8 Most Famous Blogging Websites in Pakistan

  1. WpBiginner

Actually creating a blog isn’t enough to run online business successful until you have some skills and talent that you can inspire people from your kind of work. This will make your online business successful and you will get paid due to it. According to the latest ratings, Syed Balkhi, originating from Karachi and now currently working in the States, is making a name and quite a lot of money with his famous blog WpBiginner. It is basically about word press and he is the top ranking Pakistani Blogger.

  1. redmondpie

Talking about inspiring 8 Most Famous Blogging Websites in Pakistan, we cannot miss Taimur Assad another Pakistani who runs a tech based blog sharing his articles in the famous redmondpie, for every other newcomer to the field you should surely make Taimur Asad an inspiration as he earns a staggering amount of $10K monthly just by his talent of writing.

  1. mybloggertricks

Thirdly we talk about Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzia, who runs a registered blog by the name mybloggertricks, a very famous website for quality blogs. He operates from Karachi and believe you me, earns around $10k sometimes even more. And now he is giving you a chance to start your career in the field too as he has opened an office in Karachi and will opening entries in web design, app development, graphics and animation etc.

  1. proPakistani

Another famous website is proPakistani which is run by Amir Atta ,and is directly involved in business with Warid telecom etc., and trust me you will find his blog very useful.

  1. smashingapps

Naveed Javed runs smashingapps and his website is quite different from the usual bloggers, he takes his work very seriously and a true professional.

  1. Onlineustaad

For those who are not really good at the English language you guys should not feel left out because Mr. Abdul Wali is the man for you, his website Onlineustaad works in Urdu language ,so come on guys, you have every opportunity to become the next best blogger and join these elite Pakistani minds, and many others who are not too far from these greats include, M.Yaqoob from bloggeryard, people from northern areas are not far behind ,you must follow Rehmat Alam who operates from Gilgit and runs Supportivehand.

I believe Pakistan has strong potential for excelling in this field and you people now just have to follow the footsteps of these young intellectuals, and the time is not far when you would be part of this list of bloggers people talk about. I hope that the example of these 8 Most Famous Blogging Websites in Pakistan will surely help you to target your blogging idea.


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