10 Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016-17

10 Ways to Earn Money in Pakistan 2016-17

10 Ways to Earn Money in Pakistan 2016-17

Like all the other necessities of life, money is the integral and most important necessity that makes you able to get the rest of the things n your life. If you have money then you can have everything but the money you get from the right and legal means is the real source of your happiness. In Pakistan, to earn money there are few options that people have in general terms such as doing business or job. It is not perceived that apart from these things a person can make money as a side business or multi-tasking as well. Here is the list of 10 Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2016-17 as your side income to add on some money to your salary or pocket money as a student as well. All the jobs or the sources you will get here are the legal and logical that you, adopt according to your interests, and make good money to serve your time in a better way.


If you want to make some extra money and you are thinking about how to make extra money then here is the best tip that you can use to get extra money in our hand instantly. Freelancing is something that lets you to have some extra money added to your regular income that you can use for some other amazing expenses and to get many things done as well. In freelancing, you are not time bound for the job and you can work online from your place on your system easily. In this regard, you can write articles, blog posts, and web content and much more online for your client. If you are interested in freelancing then must read this How to Start Blogging and Earn Money in 2016.


Another best way to earn money online is blogging; it is one of the most popular commonly used mean to get some extra money. All you have to do is to develop a great working and attractive blog that will attract a number of readers and bring you the advertisers. It will be an effort taking but gives you long term benefits in the end.


In the moneymaking ideas for women here, we have the best idea of teaching, if you have the education and skills then you can simply adopt to teach the students many subjects. You can pick up the subject according to your choice and simply make sure that you will justify your job and profession as well. This could be a full-time and a part-time option as well that bring your lots of money and knowledge as well.

Customer Service Representative

Another job that you can do as a part time to earn some extra money that is Customer Services representative job where you can work at the part time call center in order to let the customers have the best services from the company and let you have more commission and perks.

Web and Graphic Designer

When you are working online and want to make money online fast then working as an online web or graphic developer is the best thing you can do. If you have this skill of web or graphics designing then it will not only help you online but offline as well. This is something that is in great demand and if you can develop good sites nada innovative graphics then you can earn up to a lot of money in a month and you will not be in the need of any kind of other job. This is something that is a long-term business and has no fall in the coming years.

Online Business Portal

Everything is now online, if you want to earn some good money through a good business then develop your own business portal that will involve a business online. You can make a shopping site or pick up any other genre to provide people different services or products. This will bring you are customers and advertisers on the other hand. You can take the online orders and provide them home delivery along with post the advertiser’s ad on you site to earn some definite money.

Fitness Trainer

Losing weight and being fit the craze for everyone around you, to ensure some good money in your wallet this could be the best way to earn money online. You can start up your online fitness training portal where you can provide the people some of the free tips about diet and exercise in order to lose weight. On the other hand, you can also go for the field training and fitness sessions with your clients to expand the level of services and scale of profit as well. It will not require much of your investment, all you need is a place where you can gather people. The place could be a random room or park and a social media page to let the people know about you. If you want to go a little advance then you can develop a site of your own.

Contract photography

Solving your question of how to get money other than your regular income then the best thing you can do is to utilize your other skills that can be used as a side skills such as photography. This is something that could be your skill or hobby that you can turn into passion and get a lot of money against your passion or hobby. If you are a good photographer then pick up the bookings for the events or fashion shows to earn some extra money instantly.

Editing or proofreading of documents

If you have good English skills then among the 10 way to earn money in Pakistan 2016-17 is the editing or proofreading of the documents. People like to get the proofread or editing services from the best English writers when it comes to their business proposals, dissertations, and other official documents. You can have the job online from your clients and can earn some good money by the line without investing too much of your time.


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